Thursday night as I was rushing home from work to make it to that nights small group gathering I prayed to the Lord… “Use me. Please use me. Don’t make me anything. I just want to be tool of yours. A light. An arrow. But not a fancy cutesy arrow you see for decoration. No, just a simple little arrow, just a little chicken scratch-drawing of an arrow on ripped out loose leaf paper. So it guides the person to direction in which they should be following. Simple, so that one does not treasure the arrow itself for it’s beauty or decoration but for the path it is encouraging the person to go on where the true treasure is found. Life with you in freeing, exciting, beautiful, humbling, and peaceful Jesus. Make me an arrow.”

Currently I am on a spirtual gift seeking quest, if you will. I am trying to fully understand what exactly my gift in Jesus is so that I can fully use it to glorify Him. I am not 100% sure what that gift is yet but I have a feeling it is has to do with encouraging others, especially women, through Christ.

I love lovin’ on people simply because love has been shown to me. The Lord has blessed me time and time again with people who have encouraged the crap out of me, which have pointed me along the path of my life and brought me to where I am today.

I started I&L last year and found myself hearing the lies louder than the truth. I felt like I was steering away from what God had called me to do and did what I wanted to do with this space (which I tend to do a lot –remember Cort His Will>>>Yours) anyway I have felt a conviction to bring it back and I am excited to step out of the way, let the Lord go before me and see what He does!

With that being said, welcome back sister to a place pointing to Jesus through really real, bonafide encouragement that welcomes vulnerability so that hearts may be set free. Where grit meets grace.

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