Why I started Iron & Laurel

It started in this little blue journal. Journalism has been a part of my life ever since I was a little girl. It’s a sort of therapy in order to clear my overthinking mind for a bit, and take time to put my thoughts into words. Aside from this hobby comes my passion. My passion is best described in Proverbs 27:17, as one translation reads, Iron Sharpens Iron as a friend sharpens another. THIS. Nothing sets my heart into love-overload as does the opportunity to bless. Whether it be making a resume for a friend, creating a caption for someone, helping someone find an outfit they feel beautiful in, sending an encouraging word. I like being creative but I LOVE to help others with the knowledge about the little things I do know about! Whatever it is, it truly makes my heart overflow with joy!

 Things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.

My purpose was unveiled as an undergraduate. I loved college! I mean who doesn’t love college, but not because I was studying some intriguing major but because of the people that I was surrounded by, the community I got to play an active part in. For example, I had the pleasure of leading my sorority’s new members into the chapter, my mom told me the first night I came home after our first meeting that she hadn’t seen a smile that big on my face that big before. I also had an awesome mentor position in the School of Business where my best days were helping a colleague feel comfortable before their interview or helping them sound super duper on their resume.

And then there is Jesus. I have been a Christian since before I can remember. Let me clarify. I have been a lukewarm Christian since before I can remember. This conviction didn’t get a hold of me until about a year and a half ago. It all started with this blue journal. I knew that I wasn’t following Christ with all I had. I saw these “real Christians” as I liked to call them and knew I wasn’t “on their level”. I thought if I tried to bring others to Christ, I’d look like a hypocrite. I didn’t know where to begin. I would have this battle with myself on and off until March 8, 2017. This day I didn’t feel like going to church but He was drawing me. I told myself, ‘okay I’ll go to church tonight’ and drove past the church – on purpose. I felt like I could go another time, the dog needed to be let out, I was hungry, I was tired, my husband wasn’t there to go with me. All the excuses. Something lead me to live stream, usually I would do this -in the background- while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. This time was different. My usual pastor didn’t speak, it was another leader. God spoke directly to me, like for real, he said you’ve let the enemy rob you of your joy, come as you are I will provide a clean heart, lay down your burdens, grudges and bitterness. He told me that I need to share my testimony with you guys which brings us here.

I have had a passion for “making things pretty” as my mom would say, ever since I can remember. I didn’t grow up with much, and I am so thankful for it, it made me who I am today! An example of my “pretty making” bring me to a time I once created a “door” to my room by breaking mardi gras beads and twisting them together to create a colorful privacy barrier. Jesus, decorating, styling, helping others, is my heart of hearts!

Where did the name Iron & Laurel come from?

Iron & Laurel is named after my parents, Iron meaning strength -representing, you guessed it, my dad. The machinist, Harley riding wall of strength. Laurel meaning peace for my mom. Two green thumbs, and a forgiving heart unlike any other. Iron & Laurel represents my little bit of rock-n-roll and nature loving sides and all aspects of me rolled into one! It’s also gives nod to the city I was born and raised in the steel city, Birmingham, AL. This name has so many meanings to me. It’s amazing how God can do things like that. Iron Sharpens Iron. This place isn’t just for me, but I hope you find it is for you too. That is the reason I refer myself as the initiator of this blog and not the creator or author. An initiator is someone who identifies a need and takes part in  chain reaction. If nothing else, let this blog inspire you to do something bold, to step out of your comfort zone, put yourself out there and follow Jesus! My hope is women will come for the trends, tips and fashion and stay for the passion of Christ!

What can be found here at Iron & Laurel.

A lifestyle blog based out of Birmingham, AL. rooted in the faith of Jesus. If you like coffee, pups and serial complimenting going on then you’ll like it here. I’m obsessed with my Golden-Aussie Beau, so expect lots of pictures of him, the BHM skyline, my take on affordable style, and lots of encouraging cutesy graphics because I really get hype from an encouraging line. Aside from that, I look forward to highlighting local artists, restaurants, and businesses any chance I get. You can also expect some guest posts from some amazing hearts in the coming months. Grab a glass of Milo’s sweet tea and come stay a while! You are loved!

A candle loses nothing by lighting another