Do Start By Creating a Budget

When planning your wedding, let’s get real, you’re going to spend a lot of money. More than likely, you’re going to go over budget. Nonetheless, it is important for you to get an idea of how many people you can plan to invite from the start. This comes in handy especially when choosing a venue!

Do Not Use Your Wedding Board on Pinterest for Inspo

If you want a good laugh I dare you to scroll down to the bottom of you wedding board on pinterest. Start fresh, create a new one. This really helped me focus and served as major inspo for the real thing.

Do Make Sure to Ask Your Venue About Vendors

Location. Location. Location. How real estate-y of me, but seriously the venue was critical for us to be able to have our Pinterest Wedding dreams come true!

Finding a vendor who will allow outside vendors is key.

One thing many vendors don’t tell you up front is that you must use their selected vendors, florist, caterer, the whole 9 yards. Where is the fun in that? What most people love about their pinned dream weddings is showing off their personality in the details!

Do Not Underestimate Dollar Tree

Trust me on this. When I was on a strict budget for the wedding, I got my shopping fix by filling up my car at DT. Things like the glass candle stick holders and cheesy gold picture stands take on new life when you think about the difference a can of spray paint or chalk paint can do. Skip the wedding section, go for the kitchen and plant/candle/picture section. Round pizza pans and vases can all be transformed into cake plates and centerpieces for just dollars!

Thrifty Tips on Getting All You Want From Your Big Day- Image by the talented Taylor Dane Photography
Candle stick holders from DT painted with Krylon Premium Metallic Finish Spray Paint in Copper. One can of paint was used for about 30 candlestick holders. Find this paint at Hobby Lobby and use their 40% coupon for the best deal
Do Prioritize What is Most Important

Who is the vendor whose Insta is so swoon-worthy you could burst out into tears? Okay, that’s your #1, this doesn’t have to be a vendor this could be having a large guest list. Maybe your #1

Do Not Purchase Wedding Marketed Items

One of the biggest rules! Buying things intended for weddings such as guest books, jewelry (at your wedding dress boutique) and other misc. items should never be bought for your wedding. Companies in the wedding industry are going to have to pay for the convenience marketing it wedding. See things differently. Often times I found things double the price all because they had a cheesy wedding bell packaging. Another reason, is because again it takes away from the personality of the wedding. These little details are easy ways to really set the atmosphere for your wedding.

Do Not Forget Greenery Can Save You Lots of Green

You will be surprised how fast those pretty petals can add up. A great way to pocket some of your green is by getting with your florist on taking advantage of the wild flower look that is in right now.

Last but definitely not least, do not sweat the small stuff. If I only knew how amazing and full of love that day was beforehand, I wouldn’t have stressed so much about the little details. Just know your day is going to be your best day ever don’t let the enemy try and convince you otherwise. When the doubts and anxiety creep in remember to call upon Him reminding you of the true beauty and reasoning behind this day. “Call upon me in the day of trouble: “I will deliver thee and you shall glorify me” Psalms 50:15

PS. Our wedding got featured on Borrowed and Blue thanks to my sweeter than sugar photographer Taylor Dane Photography (my #1, refer to tip 6). Check out pictures of our day and the best vendors EVER here!

What was your #1? Do you have some awesome ways you save in your wedding you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear about your best day ever!

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